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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the park and purple shorts....

went to the park today and it was nice and cool. This park was great except for the 6 yr old in purple shorts. This was the first time  I had to deal with a bigger kid waning to play rough with Anaiah. She kept taking her hand and then chasing her, almost knocking my kiddo down when she"tagged" her. Then pulling on her clothes trying to get answers to her questions. Watch your kids people. I had to be a lil rude with the little girl and tell her to quit pulling on my childs clothes. She wanted to know why, well , because I said so. I had to explain that my child is 2 and may have answers to your questions. This lil girl was pretty demanding and  in Anaiah's face a bit.... Anaiah really wanted to play with her but  this girl was doing things I did not want my 2 year old being any part of. It is not nice to say  you arent fond of a kid but....

She did make a  young friend to chase squirrels with.

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