A few Items for sale!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stencil Shirt!

plain tank

This one was fun. I finally did some stenciling. This one was for Nai. I just love ribbon, use it on many things.

stenciled heart balloons

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Schwinn Romper Grosgrain Giveaway

The Schwinn Romper Grosgrain Giveaway

Another summer dress/top

Love these dresses.Flouncy Dress@ tiedyediva Easy yes, but  a lil time consuming because there are so many parts. Plus i make my own bias tape for them. I like my bias tape maker alot. Its fun to have the actual fabrics you are working with as a bias tape instead of just solid colors. However, it takes more time. Whatevs, i usually feel pretty good about the finished product and it makes me proud of myself! hehe. I think now i need to try ruffled bloomers with a matching hat. I suppose I will just make them if they are requested. This one I finished today is size 2t.

And yes it is for sale! My girlie is bigger than that now. ( sad face)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Housewife Head Wrap

Thats what I think these should be called. If only I were able to get a better picture of someone wearing one , you would totally see what I mean. Especially when wearing a dress. I love them. Works great for a bad hair day, or growing out yer locks!
My grandmother had given a bunch of old fabric scraps, bias tape and just all kinds of stuff. I found this pretty silk head scarf in there. I loved it but it was a bit big. I thought if I could take it apart I could adjust the size and do it. I was so scared to mess that thing up, but it worked and easy peasy. I did it!

Also made a lil girls one  ( hmm cant find an image, perhaps cuz my lil girl wore hers for about a minute. not long enough to get a pic I guess)

And a baby bonnet. So cute!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I manage to make a dress. I never thought I would be able to. Found a wonderful pattern from these ladies and i did it. I had a lil different idea, to make my straps tie instead and i opted to hem the bottom instead of do the bias tape. Whatevs. I always have so many ideas of variations when i get to making something. So i think these are the next things i will be working on to sell. I think i will start with shirts though.. or who knows... i'm wild and crazy like that.. 

 so here it is, I made this one a bit big for Nai. I went with the bigger size because sometimes even 4t doesnt fit right and ya never know.. but bigger is better for room to grow..
The 2 pieces ( front and back)

and TADA!

......and of course My Model!