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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Housewife Head Wrap

Thats what I think these should be called. If only I were able to get a better picture of someone wearing one , you would totally see what I mean. Especially when wearing a dress. I love them. Works great for a bad hair day, or growing out yer locks!
My grandmother had given a bunch of old fabric scraps, bias tape and just all kinds of stuff. I found this pretty silk head scarf in there. I loved it but it was a bit big. I thought if I could take it apart I could adjust the size and do it. I was so scared to mess that thing up, but it worked and easy peasy. I did it!

Also made a lil girls one  ( hmm cant find an image, perhaps cuz my lil girl wore hers for about a minute. not long enough to get a pic I guess)

And a baby bonnet. So cute!

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