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Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa brought me something awesome

The Hubbs bought me a fancy shmancy camera. I ve always wanted to do photography. its been on the back burner for a loooong time. Gave it a go in high school but i can never stick to one thing. high school was a long time ago, I know.
Im just saying, the idea has always been there. I also was really into sewing then too.. Accidentally cut a long lock of hair off when i was cutting some thread from the machine..never mind that, back to the point.
The camera is awesome. Ive been looking at photography blogs and im just so excited! I need lessons. I wanna carry this thing everywhere. Ive been lugging it to paydates pretending like I'm awesome at it.. 
My gift came early, here are some photos that were taken with it.

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