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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First day of Kinder!!

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This is from Anaiah's first day of Kindergarten! She was pretty excited! It was not hard to get her up, there was no fuss and she was ready to go. Her friend Jaelyn from preschool is in her class. She went to rainbow station preschool with her and they always say they are BFF's.
When I picked her up that day, I asked " how did your day go?' all she said  was "it was fine." Totally unfazed. I asked all sorts of things, and she answered , "yeah" & "ok". the only time she said a sentence or more was when asked about lunch. " im not sure who my friends were that sat next to me, but one was vegetarian and she um had lemon rice, or something like that".
And, well , that was it

This momma has gone one day 3 of getting up at 6 and I am sooo tired. This is new, I went to bed at 8 last night.  I will now welcome myself to my new life!! :)
Being at the school is kinda fun, it reminds me of when I was wittle. From the time I was in first grade until 11th grade, I wanted to be a teacher. Come senior year I gave that up real quick and never looked back on that  idea. At 35 taking my daughter to kindergarten, I thought it again, for only a second.

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